How does lime come to the water?
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How does lime come to the water?

With rain water seeps by different soil layers, until it reaches the ground water. Rainwater contains a high portion in fine carbonic acid which works aggressively on metal ions.

If this water reaches by a lime layer, calcium ions are solved.

These cause a high water hardness, i.e., it a lot of lime are in the water.

The dissolvable Ca(HCO3)2 and the indissoluble CaCO3 crystal are in the lime carbonic acid balance.

             CaCO3 + H2O + CO2 ↔ Ca(HCO3)2

Calciumcarbonat    H2CO3    Calciumhydrogencarbonat
                        Carbonic acid

How do scale and lime depositions originate?

The CO2 from the system is edged out by shutdown of the water, particularly, however, by his heating up. The balance shifts in favor of the CaCO3 of crystal.


CaCO3 + H2O + CO2 ↔ Ca(HCO3)2


Then the dissolvable Ca(HCO3)2 disintegrates into CaCO3, CO2 and H20.  Other solid crystals originate from it. The solution is oversaturated and calcium carbonate precipitates.

Now it is especially important:

How many crystallisation germs contain does the water?

The crystallisation assumes a germ with which the construction of the crystal begins. If many germs existed in a surfeited solution enough, the problem would be also solved. Fine-crystalline mud would originate. But many available germs are surrounded by water molecules and cannot work as a Krisiallisationskeime. A few originate, however, the big crystals which deposit in the vascular walls. The problem of the scale education begins with this process.

Which results have does scale?

• in heating sticks approx. 25% higher energy consumption

• congested pipes = high renovation costs

• Hardening of household appliances

• unsightly depositions in taps

Physical water treatment by means of magnetism

Physical water treatment by means of magnetism
The water is escorted by a varying magnetic field. Besides, the molecules are accelerated and polarised. Flowed through a surfeited water this magnetic field at high assembly-line speed, so the germs become free which are necessary for an other crystallisation.

After the treatment with AquaPerm lime precipitates as a fine-crystalline mud and is rinsed with the water stream. An accumulation does not take place any more. The scale education is prevented. Old depositions are diminished by nascent carbonic acid for a longer period. The pipe cross sections become free again. After installation of an AquaPerm-device dried lime depositions can be easily removed. Sharp cleaning materials are not necessary any more. Crusts in taps and Perlatoren do not appear any more. Furred heating sticks and congested pipes belong to the past. With the installation of an AquaPerm-device in old plants Perlatoren and sieves should be opened regularly to rinse removed lime crusts. Boilers should be made empty after some months to remove the set off muds.